Clear and Legible Reports (CLR)

For care referred by a military hospital or clinic, network providers must provide Clear and Legible Reports (CLR), which include consultation reports, operative reports and discharge summaries to the military hospital or clinic within seven business days of care delivery. Behavioral healthcare network providers must submit brief initial assessments within seven to 10 business days. For Urgent Care Center (UCC) encounters, the CLR shall include the patient’s encounter specifics (histories and physicals, progress notes, notes on Episodes Of Care (EOC), and other patient information (such as laboratory reports, x-ray readings, operative reports), and discharge summaries. In addition, the report will include any referrals made during the urgent care visit. Urgent Care Center CLR, must be submitted to the military hospital or clinic within two business days of the encounter. Network providers must follow the instructions included on the referral/authorization confirmation from Humana Military.