Our mission and vision

Our mission is simple. We improve the lives entrusted to our care by partnering with the government to create the right access, better health outcomes and simplified experiences.

Our vision is to be the government’s essential partner in helping to shape a stronger health system that enriches the lives of those we serve and supports our national security. A vision with purpose.

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Humana Military is dedicated to the health and well-being of military and Veteran communities. We aim to enhance their quality of life by supporting programs with missions similar to ours. Humana Military seeks sponsorship initiatives that focus on the health and wellness of military and Veteran communities as well as honor their service and sacrifice to our nation. 

We receive a large number of sponsorship requests each year and each proposal is evaluated fairly against the range of criteria listed below. Though many sponsorship requests are worthwhile and provide valuable support to deserving communities, we choose to support those that best match our company’s mission and vision. 

All requests must be submitted using the application form available below in order to be considered. Please review all criteria and restrictions before submitting your form.

Criteria to qualify for sponsorship 

Does your event or organization support the health and wellness of:  

  • Active Duty Service Members (ADSM) and their families
  • National Guard and Reserve members and their families
  • Veterans and their families
  • Gold Star families
  • Initiatives or programs to improve the wellness, quality of life, rehabilitation and behavioral health of our communities
  • Events or programs that honor or provide recognition of contributions to our communities

Minimum criteria:

  • The event or program supports the communities detailed above
  • The event program benefits the communities where Humana Military provides support to the DoD or VA
  • The organizations must be fiscally sound and have strong management and accountability practices
  • The organization must be an IRS-qualified 501(c)(3),or 501(c)(4) non-profit organization whose mission and programs are consistent with our areas of philanthropic interests 

Additional considerations: 

  • Does the program event enhance Humana Military’s brand?
  • Does the organization have a prominent standing within the community?
  • Evaluation of any other clearly identifiable benefits including, but not limited to, media exposure, cross-promotional opportunities, associate engagement opportunities, etc.
  • Is exclusivity or primary sponsorship available?
  • Is there a distinct value-added role Humana Military can play as a sponsor?
  • How does the proposal align with Humana Military’s mission?


Humana Military will not consider sponsoring the following:

  • Individuals or sports teams
  • General operating costs
  • For-profit organizations
  • Travel costs, including student trips and tours
  • Projects or services outside of regions or areas where we have operations that could infringe on peer contractor organizations
  • Political organizations (such requests are referred to our government relations department for consideration)
  • Organizations that restrict their services to members of a religious or ethnic group
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of color, sex, religion, nationality, age, disability or sexual orientation
  • Politically sensitive or controversial subject matters
  • Themes damaging to our brand
  • Sponsorships where Humana Military or Humana may have – or could be perceived to have – a conflict of interest

If you feel your organization or program meets the evaluation criteria outlined above, please complete our proposal application form. The sponsorship should allow at least three months lead time for logistical planning. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email them to HGBsponsorship@Humana.com

Partnering with small businesses 

Humana Military is dedicated to utilizing small businesses to help us achieve success. We work diligently to bring small, disadvantaged, women-owned, Veteran-owned and service-disabled Veteran-owned businesses and those small businesses located in HUBZones, into our circle of vendors, subcontractors and teammates. 

Our small business program works collaboratively with our parent company Humana Inc.'s supplier diversity program to reach out to small businesses to increase supplier diversity and to educate suppliers on Humana Military procurement processes. Humana Military seeks the best talent among diverse suppliers, contractors and consultants to enhance our business. We have discovered that small businesses are often just as qualified as, and often more cost effective, than larger suppliers. 

In addition to developing our supplier base, Humana Military takes pride in working with small businesses as teaming partners to expose them to opportunities that may be too large or too complex for them to undertake on their own. This strategy enables small businesses, working either as the prime contractor or subcontractor, to gain firsthand experience on large and complex projects they wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to, thereby expanding their competencies. 

Become a vendor 

Corporate buyers are challenged with finding qualified small businesses to partner with to achieve their contract compliance goals. As a small business seeking opportunities in the federal marketplace, it is important to do the following: 

Obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)

Register with Humana Military

Registering with Humana Military is not an invitation to do business or a guarantee of obtaining business from Humana Military.

Team with us 

Humana Military is seeking to team with small businesses to jointly pursue contracts with the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, other federal agencies and state and local governments. If your business is interested in teaming with Humana Military, please consider the following: 

  • Do your core competencies complement our lines of business?
  • If you are a HUBZone small business, are you certified through the SBA?
  • Do you have a viable long-term strategic plan and necessary financial strength to support a long-term partnership?
  • Have you read the government's procuring documents (e.g. solicitation) relating to a specific project for which you wish to team with us?
  • Can your company perform the contract work without the assistance of a larger corporation?
  • Does your product or service address specific requirements or problems described in those documents?
  • Do you have an existing relationship with the procuring federal agency which will assists us in understanding and addressing the agency's needs?
  • Does your company possess solid past performance with Humana Military, the procuring agency or another federal agency or prime contractor?
  • Can your past performance contribute to the past performance requirements of business opportunities Humana Military is pursuing?
  • Is your company willing to commit resources to the development of a proposal that could require months to prepare?

If your small business meets these prequalifiers, please submit a package containing your company name, company designation (i.e. women-owned, Veteran-owned, etc.), contact information and core competencies to SBLO@humana.com

How to stand out 

If it is necessary to determine where your company can bring the best possible value, the following are questions that your company should be prepared to answer:  

  • Can your company provide skill sets that are required in the solicitation?
  • Are those skills available at the levels of capacity required?
  • What is your company's competitive advantage?
  • Why should Humana Military choose your business rather than another well-qualified small business for that level of tasking? You will be asked to provide a company presentation, capabilities document, white paper and/or other relevant documents to illustrate this point.
  • Are your rates/prices competitive?
  • Do you have federal, state, or local government experience?
  • Do you have new and valuable leads (we encourage small businesses to search out new leads and opportunities and bring them to us)?

Clinical resources

Are you a healthcare professional searching for a new opportunity? Humana Military clinical resources offers innovative staffing solutions. Our approach provides several key advantages such as faster placement times, customized solutions for unique challenges and better placements for retention.

URAC Accreditation

Humana Military is proud to meet the standards of excellence established by URAC – the Utilization Review Advisory Committee. As an accrediting organization for healthcare, URAC develops standards with the help of nationwide experts in healthcare —providers, insurers, healthcare organizations and public interest groups.

Our claims partner

Wisconsin Physicians Service is a nationally regarded government contractor and Humana Military’s claims processing partner in the East Region. In addition to being a government contractor, WPS is also Wisconsin’s leading not-for-profit health insurance. The WPS Government Health Administrators division administers Part A and B Medicare benefits for millions of seniors in multiple states and the WPS Military and Veterans Health division serves millions more members who are active in the US military, Veterans and their families.