At Humana Military, every leader and associate is charged with an unwavering commitment to ethics and compliance accompanied by a steadfast sense of responsibility to put integrity first in the conduct of our daily operations and service.

Our commitment: Be engaged

Humana Military's compliance associates are members of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). The SCCE is a 501(c), member-based association for regulatory compliance professionals that aims to educate and update members with the latest news and resources available through various events, products and resources. The SCCE helps members protect their companies and advance their careers through services including education, updates on regulatory requirements and enforcements, and access to a rich professional network.

Humana Military is a signatory member to the Defense Industry Initiative (DII) on business ethics and conduct. The DII signatories are united in the commitment to adopt and implement principles of business ethics and conduct that acknowledge and address their organizational responsibilities under federal procurement policy and law, thereby contributing to the National Defense. Every year, DII helps train hundreds of ethics officers how to comply with contracting laws at home and abroad, and how to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner in all business situations. Those ethics professionals, in turn, help train hundreds of thousands of defense industry employees on the latest in ethics and compliance.

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Our mission: Put integrity first

The mission of our ethics and compliance program is to put integrity first. We execute that mission by continuously striving to instill an unwavering commitment to ethical behavior and accountability in every associate, while delivering world-class healthcare services to our deserving beneficiaries.

Our vision is to be the government's essential partner in helping to shape a stronger health system that enriches the lives of those we serve and supports our national security. Therefore, we place the utmost value on trust and believe that every leader and every associate in our organization plays a vital role in protecting it. We also believe that trust is a critical building block in the construction of any successful ethics and compliance program, but integrity must be the foundation.

Our duty: Be accountable

We recognize and are compelled by our duty to be accountable to our associates, provider partners, shareholders, our government customer and our community. This sense of duty begins with our leadership and is passed down through the ranks to our associates. It is through our collective actions that our business is conducted with integrity.

Our code: Be ethical

Humana Military adheres to our parent company, Humana Inc.’s code of conduct, "Ethics Every Day" which sets forth our commitment to integrity and advises associates of the various areas in which they may encounter problems. This manual is provided to all Humana Military associates upon employment and is reviewed annually. Additionally, while completing annual review documents, all associates are asked to acknowledge their responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and company policy. Our associates are also asked to pledge to act with honesty, integrity and responsible corporate behavior.