Our training program is reflective of our mission to put integrity first and to ensure that all parts of our organization act as one cohesive unit.

Our training initiative: be cohesive

Our training program is designed to illustrate how each associate contributes to our company’s success through ethical behavior and emphasizes the need to remain compliant with our vision, our corporate business ethics and code of conduct, company policies and procedures and all applicable state and federal laws in the daily execution of our respective duties. Our program features the following elements:

  • Refresher materials discussing pertinent compliance issues are featured in a newsletter published company wide on a monthly basis.
  • Web-based procurement integrity training is provided on an annual basis in conjunction with ethics and compliance training. It discusses the prohibition of certain practices related to government procurement.
  • Posters listing options for reporting ethics violations and/or obtaining general information regarding ethics and compliance are posted in high traffic areas.
  • Ethics and compliance messages are forwarded to the entire company on a quarterly basis.
  • Policies and procedures are published in the policy source section of our parent company’s intranet site with additional company specific policies published on the Humana Military intranet site. These written materials, while tailored to specific operations, must ensure that all key areas of the company are addressed in a consistent and effective manner.