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Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The TRICARE Autism Care Demonstration (ACD) covers ABA services for all eligible TRICARE beneficiaries diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The demonstration began July 25, 2014, and will continue through December 31, 2023.

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Contact us about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services at: (866) 323-7155

ABA certification and credentialing

All ABA providers must be certified. To become an ABA certified provider, complete this form and fax to (608) 221-7544. Once TRICARE-certified, providers remain certified as long as their licensure or board certifications are maintained.

All BCBAs must be credentialed if they choose to become a network provider. Apply to become a TRICARE network provider

Credentialing may take up to 30 days to complete. Providers must be re-credentialed every three years.

National certification standards for ABA providers

  • BACB for behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts
  • QABA certification board for BTs, the ABAT, as well as a certification for assistant behavior analysts, QASP
  • BICC certification for BTs, BCAT

Identifying ASD

Explore our tools and resources to aid in the identification and diagnosis of ASD.

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Billing, claims and reimbursement

ABA providers are considered outpatient specialty providers. Authorized ABA supervisors and ACSPs are allowed to bill for ABA services.

Claims processing

All claims must be submitted electronically with Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS) in order to receive payment for services. Claims can take up to 30 days to process. All claims for benefits must be filed no later than one year after the date the services were provided. Network providers can submit new claims and check the status of claims online using provider self-service.

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CPT codes for ABA

In accordance with TOM Chapter 18 Section 4, prior authorization is required prior to rendering ABA services. Claims for services rendered without prior authorization will be denied.

  • CPT 0359T - ABA Assessment and ABA Treatment Plan (TP)
  • CPT 0360T and 0361T - Observational behavioral follow-up assessment - supervised fieldwork
  • CPT 0364T and 0365T - Adaptive behavior treatment by protocol
  • CPT 0368T and 0369T - Adaptive behavior treatment by protocol modification
  • CPT 0370T - Family adaptive behavior treatment guidance
  • T1023 - Outcome measures completed and submitted by BCBA/BCBA-D
  • For telemedicine, the GT modifier must be used

Autism Care Demonstration: Guide for providers

Topics covered include TRICARE certification requirements, Humana Military credentialing requirements,
referrals and authorizations, claims requirements, forms and key provider resources.

Provider guide

Referrals and authorization for ABA services

The quickest, most efficient way to request ABA services is online through provider self-service. Providers may also fax referrals and supporting documentation to (877) 378-2316.

Submit referral or authorization

ABA referrals and authorization forms

Referral and authorization process

  • Initial referrals are provided by the ASD diagnosing provider. If the initial diagnosis is made by a P-PCM, the P-PCM must also submit a referral for a specialized ASD diagnosing provider who must confirm the diagnosis within one year.
  • Upon receipt of the referral, Humana Military authorizes six months of ABA services based on the referral request and there is a TRICARE-authorized ABA supervisor with an opening to accept the beneficiary.
  • At an initial evaluation with the authorized ABA supervisor, target symptoms are identified and a treatment plan is developed.
  • Treatment plans are reviewed for medical necessity twice annually to allow re-assessment and to document progress in improving core deficits. Prior to the expiration of each six month authorization period, the authorized ABA supervisor or ACSP must request re-authorization of ABA services for the next six months from Humana Military.
  • Every two years from the initial authorization, a new referral for ABA services and a new referral for outcome measures from the P-PCM or specialized ASD diagnosing provider is required.