Do not submit payment information via secure mail or chat functions – or in the text of your message

Any payment information received via secure mail or chat will be deleted and will not processed. You should only submit payment information when making a payment online or via mail or fax as stated on beneficiary forms.

Use your credit card to make a one-time premium payment quickly and conveniently. 

Automatic payment options

Electric Funds Transfer (EFT) or allotment payments are the safest, no-hassle ways to make your monthly premiums. By choosing to pay through EFT or *allotment, you don’t have to worry about updating expiration dates or lost credit card information, and you avoid the risk of disenrollment due to failure to pay.

  • Allotment

    Group A retired beneficiaries are required to pay monthly enrollment fees via allotment, when feasible. This option is also available for Prime retirees.

  • Bank account

    Set up a monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to have your monthly premium deducted from a checking or savings account.

  • Bank card

    Set up a monthly Recurring Credit Card (RCC) payment to have your monthly premium drawn from a credit or debit card.

If your current method of payment is Recurring Credit Card (RCC) and you provide new credit card information, no further action is required. Once the new credit card information is updated on your account, the current card on file will no longer be charged. Please allow up to 10 business days for changes to be processed.

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