Change your Primary Care Manager (PCM)

Delay notification

Please note: Due to a programming issue, we are experiencing delays in Primary Care Manager (PCM) assignment times for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. We are working diligently to correct this issue and all PCM records should be updated by late November.

You may change your Primary Care Manager (PCM) at any time as long as the desired PCM is accepting new patients and your request complies with local military hospital guidelines.

*If you are a TRICARE Prime beneficiary and want to change your PCM to a network provider,  please call the provider first to see if they are accepting new patients.

Find a PCM

Request a change online

If you have selected a civilian PCM or you wish to change to another PCM within the military hospital, you can submit your request through Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE). Please remember that if you select the default date of six days in the future, the effective date of the change will be made retroactive to the date the request was submitted. Should you select a date other than the default date, your change request effective date will not be changed.

Submit your request through BWE

Request a change by mail

You also have the option to submit your request by mailing in a completed TRICARE Prime enrollment and PCM change form or by contacting a customer service representative. If you are mailing in your request, please note that you need to complete the sponsor section, the section related to the PCM change, the signature section and the Access to Care (ATC) section (if applicable). The change will become effective based on when the PCM change form is received.

Download the PCM change form

Receive confirmation

Once your PCM change is processed, you will receive either an e-mail or postcard with instructions to access milConnect for the new PCM name and telephone number. All change requests are subject to the military hospital Commander guidelines. PCM changes are effective based on when we receive the request. Please do not seek services until you receive confirmation of the change.