Spotting kickbacks

June 1, 2023

What is a kickback? It’s an illegal payment for preferential treatment or improper services received.

When healthcare providers receive kickbacks, it undermines the integrity of federal healthcare programs. Kickbacks can taint medical decision-making, increase healthcare costs, and adversely affect competition. Federal law bans using solicitation or illegal payment to tempt someone to purchase a good or service that is paid for by a federal healthcare program.

For example, a provider advises you that they need your personal information in order to bill insurance for some testing. They say there will be no cost to you because it will be covered. In fact, they even offer to give you a gift certificate or to pay you. This is a kickback because the provider offers a gift or payment in exchange for sharing your information, which will be used to file a claim.

According to the Department of Justice, settlements and judgements made under the False Claims Act exceeded two billion dollars in fiscal year 2022, the second highest amount in settlement history.

You are an important partner in the campaign against fraud and abuse. If you suspect something, you should report it. Call (800) 333-1620. We are here to help answer your questions and respond to your concerns.