Costs and renewing coverage


CHCBP provides two types of coverage plans: individual or family. Coverage must be purchased in 90-day increments.

Premium for individual coverage: $1,654 per quarter

  • Individual coverage is available to the sponsor, a former spouse who has not remarried or an adult child.

Premium for family coverage: $4,134 per quarter

  • Family coverage is only available to former service members and their dependents. For family coverage, dependents cannot enroll unless the sponsor enrolls.

When you receive medical care under CHCBP, you will be responsible for paying an annual deductible and cost-shares for covered services. These amounts are based on the sponsor's status at the time of enrollment and the type of provider seen. Compare costs

Please note:

  • CHCBP costs and premiums are subject to annual adjustments each fiscal year.
  • If you are an unremarried former spouse, for CHCBP, choose "Retired" regardless of your sponsor's status


Premiums may only be refunded under two conditions:

  • If you no longer qualify for CHCBP, refunds will be prorated from the date of loss of qualification for program benefits to the last day of the enrollment period for which the premium has been paid.
  • If Humana Military receives your written refund request before the effective start date of your CHCBP coverage, the prepaid premium will be refunded in full.

Renewing coverage

  • CHCBP coverage is purchased in 90-day increments and premiums are billed quarterly. You will receive a renewal notice 30 days prior to the expiration of your current quarterly coverage period.
  • Payments postmarked later than 30 days after the last date of coverage will result in termination of CHCBP benefits and permanent loss of qualification to purchase CHCBP coverage.