Criteria for extended CHCBP coverage for certain former spouses

In the case of an unremarried former spouse of a member or former member whose divorce occurred prior to the end of transitional healthcare coverage, the period of eligibility for participation in CHCBP is unlimited if the former spouse meets the following criteria:

  • Has not remarried before the age of 55, and
  • Was enrolled in, or covered by, an approved health benefits plan under Chapter 55, Title 10, United States Code as the dependent of a retiree at any time during the 18-month period before the date of the divorce, dissolution or annulment (both TRICARE and CHCBP would qualify as such a plan)

A former spouse must also meet at least one of the following criteria in addition to both of the above criteria:

  • Is receiving a portion of the retired or retainer pay of a member, or former member, or an annuity based on the retainer pay of the member; or
  • Has a court order for payment of any portion of the retired or retainer pay; or
  • Has a written agreement (whether voluntary or pursuant to a court order), which provides for an election by the member or former member to provide an annuity to the former spouse

If you are eligible for extended CHCBP coverage, you will receive a letter prior to your initial coverage end date informing you of your options.