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Enrolling is easy and convenient. Follow these simple steps to find a plan that works for you and then call us to start the enrollment process.

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Start the enrollment process:

Call 1-800-444-5445 and a TRICARE representative is standing by to help guide you through the enrollment process and choose your Primary Care Manager (PCM). If you choose to enroll in TRICARE Prime please consider the following information that will help you select your Primary Care Manager (PCM), a provider of care who will manage your health care needs. Please keep in mind that the assignment of your PCM is governed by the availability of your choice and by the military hospital Commander’s policy in your Prime Service Area.

  • If you live within a 30-minute drive of a military hospital or clinic that has mandatory enrollment and available capacity, you must choose a Military PCM.
  • If you live beyond a 30-minute drive but within 100 miles of an available military hospital/clinic or civilian PCM, you may choose a military PCM or civilain PCM. Please keep in mind if choosing a military hospital PCM, they must have capacity, availability, and be willing to accept you as a patient. Additionally, you must agree to waive your access standards or sign an access to care waiver.

Having a baby or adopting?

Is your family growing?

As you prepare, learn more about your TRICARE coverage during pregnancy and for your new child.

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How your TRICARE plan travels with you when you are relocating

Are you relocating?

Your TRICARE eligibility doesn't change when you move. But it may change your health plan options.

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