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For TRICARE to cover your care, you use a TRICARE-authorized provider. These providers are licensed by state, accredited by national organization or meet other standards of the medical community.


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Primary Care Manager (PCM)
Military hospital or clinic
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Autism care providers
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Using non-network providers

You should always search for TRICARE network providers first. Be aware that choosing a non-network provider may incur Point of Service and higher out-of-pocket costs.


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Additional options

Virtual breastfeeding and baby feeding services

SimpliFed provides ongoing lactation support throughout your baby-feeding journey with covered visits, education classes and 24/7 access to baby feeding experts through mobile app, without cost-shares.

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Community Resource Directory (CRD)

The CRD is a multi-state search tool that provides access to comprehensive information on national, state and local community-based facilities. The directory houses details on each listing, allowing you and your providers to connect with local resources, including autism services.

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