Outcome measures


Completing outcome measures

Under the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD), TRICARE requires the outcome measures identified below for beneficiaries participating in the ACD based on their age. Outcome measures can be performed by TRICARE-authorized ASD-diagnosing providers.

Humana Military must receive completed outcome measures prior to issuing a treatment authorization.

In the event that your Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provider is unable to complete the outcome measures, Humana Military has partnered with Rethink Autism Inc. to complete the necessary information with you remotely from any location in the TRICARE East Region. If your provider is unable to complete outcome measures, please contact us at (866) 323-7155 for further assistance.

Humana Military does not require a referral from the Primary Care Manager (PCM) or an ASD-diagnosing provider. To meet access to care standards, an authorization for outcome measures can be authorized to an alternate preferred network provider.

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