New Beginnings for TRICARE

New Beginnings is a case management program for both pregnant women who may be at risk for pregnancy-related complications and infants that require neonatal intensive care services. Through a certified case manager, expectant mothers receive individualized support, guidance and education in areas such as fetal development, changes during pregnancy, risk factors for preterm labor, what to expect during delivery and any other advice needed.

The program also includes NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) case management services that will focus on:

  • Assistance in transition to home
  • Care plan progress
  • Coordination of communications with physicians, equipment companies, nursing agencies etc.
  • Explaining TRICARE benefits and special programs available
  • Facilitation of a safe and timely discharge
  • Providing any other resources the family may need

For more information about this program, or if your provider has advised that fetal surgery may be necessary, please call the Integrated Care Team (ICT) at (800) 881-9227.