I have a newborn

Welcome to parenthood!

TRICARE and Humana Military are here to help support you and your family. Remember, you must enroll your baby in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) within 90 days of birth for TRICARE coverage.

You will schedule your newborn's first well-child appointment before you leave the hospital. During these well-child visits the doctor will check your child’s weight gain and growth, as well as their physical and mental development. These visits usually coincide with immunizations, but can coincide with other doctor visits. They also provide an opportunity to talk with the doctor and ask questions concerning the growth and care of your infant.

During the first year, well child visits are scheduled at two to four weeks of age and at two, four, six, nine and 12 months of age.

Your first well-child visit

Ideally, both parents should attend early well-child visits. These check-ups are an opportunity to form a relationship with the doctor as well as exchange questions and answers with one another. You will receive a wealth of information during these visits, so it is a good idea to prepare a list of questions or topics you would like to discuss to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

If only one parent can attend, ask a friend or relative to go along with you. Having someone there to assist with dressing and undressing your baby, carrying the diaper bag, holding doors, etc., will allow you to best focus on the visit, ensuring you fully understand the discussions with your doctor and any vital information addressed. Questions for your first visit

What to expect

Regular check-ups to assess your baby’s development is the best way to determine if your baby is growing and developing as he or she should.

Your pediatrician will measure many areas for developmental milestones. Learn more about the next phase of your child's development