In most cases, providers will submit claims on behalf of TRICARE beneficiaries for healthcare services. However, there are some instances in which you can submit your own claim.

Disclaimer: Using non-network providers

Beneficiaries MUST submit claims:

  • When they receive service within a network ER facility but the provider is out-of-network.

Beneficiaries can submit claims:

  • From a non-network provider for services performed in a doctor’s office, such as injections, immunizations, casting broken arms, etc.
  • For specialty pharmacy items administered at the doctor’s office. This might include immunizations or allergy shots.
  • For Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and supplies.

Beneficiaries cannot submit:

  • Institutional charges (submitted by both network and non-network facilities) for services rendered at a facility and not a doctor’s office. They include ambulatory surgery, radiological services and lab work.
  • Claims for services performed by a network provider. All network providers are REQUIRED to submit claims on your behalf to insure the best discount available.

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