Breastfeeding supplies

  • TRICARE will reimburse for 90 breast-milk storage bags every 30 days. If you require more than 90 in a 30-day period, you will need a prescription or Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) from your doctor. If you buy bags in bulk, TRICARE can only reimburse at 90 bags every 30 days, and cannot pay for future dates of service.
  • Breast milk storage bags are typically packaged as 100 bags per single box. When submitting claims for breast milk storage bags, it is important to include the actual number of breast milk storage bags supplied to ensure proper reimbursement for the bags. For example, if 90 breast milk bags are supplied, include “90” on the claim form instead of “1” for box.
  • Replacement supplies cannot be billed on the same day as the breast pump. When purchasing a breast pump, you will receive a kit which includes all supplies, including an initial set of breast milk bags. TRICARE will reimburse one kit per birth event. Breast pump supplies can be ordered before delivery, starting at 27 weeks of pregnancy.

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