Breastfeeding supplies

  • TRICARE will reimburse for 90 breast milk storage bags every 30 days. If you require more than 90 in a 30-day period, you will need a prescription or Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) from your doctor.
  • If you buy bags in bulk, TRICARE can only reimburse at 90 bags per month and cannot pay for future dates of service. You will need to submit a separate claim every month or wait until the bulk supply is exhausted and then submit the claim for reimbursement.
  • Supplies cannot be billed on the same day as the breast pump. When purchasing a breast pump you will receive a kit which includes all supplies needed to use the pump. TRICARE will reimburse one kit per year.
  • When submitting claims for breast milk storage bags, the number should be the number of milk bags supplied (90) and not for a single box (one) of bags.

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