Submitting claims


In-network providers will submit TRICARE claims for you for services like inpatient hospital, ambulatory surgery, outpatient hospital and emergency care.


There are some instances, however, in which you can submit your own claim, such as non-network professional charges rendered in a provider’s office, like an office visit, injection, casting broken arms, immunizations, durable medical equipment supplies and breast pump supplies.

Visit for additional information about submitting medical claims, not including types of non-network charges.

For information on pharmacy claims, visit

How do I submit a claim?

Step one: Download and complete DD Form 2642

Step two: Gather supporting documentation

Attach a readable copy of the provider's bill to the claim form, making sure it contains the following information:

  • Sponsor's Social Security Number (SSN) or Department of Defense Benefits Number (DBN) (eligible former spouses should use their SSN)
  • Provider's name and address (if more than one provider's name is on the bill, circle the name of the person who treated you)
  • Date and place of each service
  • Description of each service or supply furnished
  • Charge for each service
  • Diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not on the bill, be sure to complete section 8a on the form)

Step three: Submit by fax or US mail

  • Fax to: (608) 327-8522
  • Mail to:
    TRICARE East Region claims: New claims
    P.O. Box 7981
    Madison, WI 53707-7981
  • If you need to file a claim for care you received overseas, you must file the claim with the overseas claims processor using the address for the area where you got the care. Learn more

When do I need to file my own claims?

In most cases, your provider will file claims for you. However, if you receive care from a non-network provider, you may have to file your own claims. You should also expect to file your own claims to get money back if you have TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Select. You don’t need to file claims when using the US Family Health Plan. If you’re unsure about how your claims will be filed, check with your provider to find out if you need to submit a claim after receiving care.

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