Our specialty care programs place a special emphasis on beneficiaries who require specific care through any stage of life. Support is available during pregnancy, post-hospital care, dealing with chronic conditions or transplantation processing.

Humana at Home Enduring Care New Beginnings Personal Nurse Transplant Network

Humana at Home

Humana at Home is a 30-day, post-hospital care management program for identified civilian TRICARE Prime beneficiaries in certain Prime Service Areas (PSA). This personalized, focused service will work to reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions and emergency room visits.

The beneficiary will receive an introductory phone call from a Humana at Home care manager. If agreeable, the care manager will visit the beneficiary in their home, providing education on their medications, review of hospital discharge instructions, potential signs of infection and coordination to ensure a follow up appointment is in place. For more information about this program, please call the ICT toll-free number at (800) 881-9227.

Enduring Care

The Enduring Care program allows care managers to work with beneficiaries and their families/caregivers to improve and coordinate communication and decision making regarding their end of life healthcare needs. The beneficiary is able to communicate their quality of life preferences, values and priorities, which may lead to fewer unwanted treatments and reduced costs.

The beneficiary will receive an introductory letter to the program, followed by telephonic outreach from a care management associate. Through a series of phone conversations with the beneficiary or caregiver, the care manager assists the family to identify what quality of life means to them, goals for treatment and remove any barriers to discussions with their family and/or treatment team. For more information about this program, please call the ICT toll-free number at (800) 881-9227.

New Beginnings for TRICARE

New Beginnings is a case management program for both pregnant women who may be at risk for pregnancy-related complications and infants that require neonatal intensive care services. Through a certified case manager, expectant mothers receive individualized support, guidance and education in areas such as fetal development, changes during pregnancy, risk factors for preterm labor, what to expect during delivery and any other advice needed.

The program also includes NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) case management services that will focus on:

  • Assistance in transition to home
  • Care plan progress
  • Coordination of communications with physicians, equipment companies, nursing agencies etc.
  • Explaining TRICARE benefits and special programs available
  • Facilitation of a safe and timely discharge
  • Providing any other resources the family may need

For more information about this program, or if your provider has advised that fetal surgery may be necessary, please call the Integrated Care Team (ICT) at (800) 881-9227.

Personal Nurse

The Personal Nurse program is designed for beneficiaries who are considered at-risk for chronic conditions/diseases, such as pre-diabetes and pre-hypertension. Aimed at empowerment, this program provides beneficiary support in making healthy lifestyle choices while strengthening self-management capabilities. The Personal Nurse serves as a single point of contact in working with the beneficiary’s PCM or other physician on healthcare needs. 

 Through identifying goals, reviewing treatment options and providing additional resources, participation in the Personal Nurse program leads to decreased risk for disease progression. For more information about this program, please call the ICT toll-free number at (800) 881-9227.

Transplant network enhancement

TRICARE beneficiaries who are in need of an organ or stem cell transplant will have access to Humana Military’s team of certified case managers specially trained in transplants. The team of case managers will work with the beneficiary and their physician throughout the process, including evaluation, transplantation and post-transplant stages. Additionally, beneficiaries will have access to Humana’s National Transplant Network, a system of Medicare-certified facilities that meet quality standards, including TRICARE requirements for transplant facilities. For more information about this program, please call the ICT toll-free number at (800) 881-9227.