CHCBP is a premium-based plan that offers temporary transitional health coverage after TRICARE eligibility ends. It acts as a bridge between military health benefits and your new civilian health plan. CHCBP provides continuous healthcare coverage on a temporary basis following the loss of your military benefits.

CHCBP is administered by Humana Military, providing qualified beneficiaries with optional healthcare for 18–36 months after military care benefits end. It is available to former qualified uniformed service members, their family members, former spouses who have not remarried, adult children and unmarried children by adoption or legal custody.

CHCBP is not a TRICARE program, but it offers coverage comparable to TRICARE Select Group-B with similar benefits, providers and program rules. CHCBP is considered minimum essential coverage, meeting the healthcare reform law required through the Affordable Care Act. Other healthcare coverage options are available at

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Former Active Duty Service Members (ADSM) and their families

Former ADSMs and their family members may qualify for CHCBP coverage when:

  • The sponsor is released or discharged from active duty under other than adverse conditions
  • The sponsor was entitled to medical care under a military health plan
  • For military family members to enroll, the sponsor must also enroll and purchase a family plan
  • ADSMs and their family members are not eligible for any benefits under TRICARE or the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP)

Duration of coverage: Up to 18 months

*Former ADSMs and their family members qualify for CHCBP when TAMP benefits expire.

Members of the Select Reserve, members of the Retired Reserve and their families

For members of the Select Reserve, members of the Retired Reserve, and their families, the CHCBP 18-month eligibility begins at the end of the active duty service or TAMP period, or upon termination of coverage under TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) or TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR). For military family members to enroll, the sponsor must also enroll and purchase a family plan.

Duration of coverage: Up to 18 months

Former spouses who have not remarried

Former spouses who have not remarried may qualify for CHCBP when: 

  • They are covered under TRICARE or TAMP as dependents of a current or former service member on the day before the date of the final decree of divorce, dissolution or annulment
  • They are not eligible for TRICARE as a former spouse of a member or former member of the uniformed services

Duration of coverage: Up to 36 months

*Certain former spouses who have not remarried before age 55 may qualify for an unlimited duration of coverage.

Dependent spouses and children

Dependents of sponsors (includes children who were adopted or were placed in the legal custody of a uniformed service sponsor) may qualify for CHCBP when:

  • They cease to meet requirements as a dependent of a member or former member of the uniformed services 
  • They were covered under TRICARE, TAMP or TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) as dependents on the day before ceasing to meet the requirements for being considered a dependent
  • They would not otherwise be eligible for any benefits under TRICARE

Duration of coverage: Up to 36 months

*Children between the ages of 21 - 25 who lose eligibility for TRICARE or TAMP may qualify to purchase TYA coverage instead of CHCBP. Purchasing TYA coverage after losing TRICARE or TAMP coverage offers additional coverage options and may extend the qualification to purchase CHCBP coverage.


You will be notified by the uniformed services or the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) when you are eligible.

To enroll in CHCBP, submit the following:

  • A completed CHCBP enrollment application (DD Form 2837)
  • Payment in full for the first 90 days of coverage (CHCBP must be purchased within 60 days of qualifying for coverage)
  • Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (DD Form 214) (if applicable)

You must mail the required items to:

Humana Military 
Attn: CHCBP 
PO Box 740072 
Louisville, KY 40201-7472 
Fax: (502) 322-8108

Please note:

  • Once purchased, coverage will be backdated to the first day of the eligibility period (i.e. If TRICARE eligibility ends 6/17 CHCBP coverage would start 6/18)
  • You will receive a CHCBP enrollment card by mail once Humana Military has verified your eligibility
  • Former spouses who have not remarried must also submit a copy of the final divorce decree, dissolution or annulment
  • If your CHCBP coverage is terminated because you regain TRICARE entitlement or eligibility, you will be able to purchase CHCBP coverage again once that TRICARE eligibility coverage ends
  • For children aging out of TYA coverage, they must include a copy of their military ID card; if the child is losing TRICARE coverage due to marriage, please include a copy of the marriage license with the application (DEERS will also need to be notified of the marriage)


CHCBP provides two types of coverage plans: individual or family. Coverage must be purchased in 90-day increments.

Premium for individual coverage: $1,813 per quarter

  • Individual coverage is available to the sponsor, a former spouse who has not remarried or an adult child.

Premium for family coverage: $4,539 per quarter

  • Family coverage is only available to former service members and their dependents. For family coverage, dependents cannot enroll unless the sponsor enrolls.

When you receive medical care under CHCBP, you will be responsible for paying an annual deductible and cost-shares for covered services. These amounts are based on the sponsor's status at the time of enrollment and the type of provider seen.

Compare costs

Please note:

  • CHCBP costs and premiums are subject to annual adjustments each fiscal year.
  • If you are an unremarried former spouse, for CHCBP, choose "Retired" regardless of your sponsor's status


Premiums may only be refunded under two conditions:

  • If you no longer qualify for CHCBP, refunds will be prorated from the date of loss of qualification for program benefits to the last day of the enrollment period for which the premium has been paid.
  • If Humana Military receives your written refund request before the effective start date of your CHCBP coverage, the prepaid premium will be refunded in full.

Renewing coverage

  • CHCBP coverage is purchased in 90-day increments and premiums are billed quarterly. You will receive a renewal notice 30 days prior to the expiration of your current quarterly coverage period.
  • Payments postmarked later than 30 days after the last date of coverage will result in termination of CHCBP benefits and permanent loss of qualification to purchase CHCBP coverage.

Getting care from TRICARE-authorized providers

Network providers

A TRICARE network provider accepts TRICARE’s payment as a full payment for any covered healthcare services you get (less any cost-shares and your deductible) and files claims for you.

Non-network participating providers

Providers who participate in TRICARE accept TRICARE’s payment as full payment for any healthcare services you get (less any cost-shares and your deductible) and file claims for you on a case-by-case basis.

Non-network nonparticipating providers

You may have to pay a nonparticipating provider up front and file a claim with TRICARE for reimbursement. Nonparticipating providers do not accept TRICARE’s payment as full payment for covered healthcare services. They may charge up to 15 percent above the TRICARE-allowable charge. You are responsible for paying this amount in addition to any applicable patient costs. You are responsible for filing a claim when using a nonparticipating provider. They will not file a claim for you. Learn how to file a CHCBP claim

**Note: CHCBP enrollees may not use military hospitals and clinics except in emergency situations.

Filing CHCBP claims

If you have to file your own claim, you should send your claim form as soon as possible after you receive care. The sooner your claim and other paperwork are received, the sooner you or your provider will be paid. In the US and US territories, claims must be filed within one year of service. In all other overseas areas, claims must be filed within three years of service.

To file a CHCBP claim, complete the Patient's Request for Medical Payment (DD Form 2642), include a copy of your CHCBP ID card and a copy of the provider's bill ensuring the following information is included:

  • Sponsor's Social Security Number (SSN) (eligible former spouses should use their SSN)
  • Provider's name and address (if more than one provider's name is on the bill, circle the name of the person who treated you)
  • Date and place of each service
  • Description of each service or supply furnished
  • Charge for each service
  • Diagnosis (if the diagnosis is not on the bill, be sure to complete block 8a on the form)


Form and supporting documentation can be mailed to:

CHCBP Claims
PO Box 7981
Madison, WI 53707-7981

For prescription claims, mail to:

Express Scripts
ATTN: CHCBP Pharmacy Claims
PO Box 52132
Phoenix, AZ 85072