Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provider certification

To provide ABA services to TRICARE beneficiaries, ABA providers must be TRICARE-certified. TRICARE recognizes the following certification types:

  • ACD-Corporate Services Providers (ACSP) includes autism centers, autism clinics, and sole providers (regardless of setting of rendered ABA services, i.e. home or clinic)
  • ABA supervisors
  • Assistant Behavior Analysts
  • Behavior Technicians

Once certified, providers can apply to join the TRICARE East network. For ABA Provider requirements, please see the TRICARE Operations Manual, Chapter 18, Section 4.

Apply for certification


Supporting documentation instructions


Electronic submissions

To ensure your electronic submission is processed in a timely manner, please confirm you are submitting the information in the correct portal, inbox or web form. To avoid additional delays, please only include details on a single beneficiary and to not combine requests.


Fax or mail submissions

TRICARE may ask for additional details, including for you to use the letter you received again as the coversheet for the information that you return. The letters, utilized as a coversheet, allow Humana Military to quickly document and identify beneficiaries via barcode and OCR recognition, speeding up the process.

To ensure your documentation is processed quickly, please send a single correspondence or fax with information regarding a single beneficiary. If multiple pieces of correspondence are mailed at the same time, they must be divided with coversheets.

Humana Military accepts HIPAA-compliant electronic faxes sent using HIPPA-compliant companies, such as UpDox, Faxage or SRFax, among others available through a web search.