TPL process - beneficiary:

Beneficiaries will receive the Statement of Personal Injury-Possible Third Party Liability (DD Form 2527) if a claim is received that appears to have TPL involvement.

The beneficiary must complete and sign this form within 35 calendar days and return the form to the address below. If the beneficiary is unable to complete form DD2527, the provider may submit a cover letter identifying the inability to complete and provide medical records.


TPL process - medical records:

Medical records submitted on behalf of a beneficiary and medical records requested related to a claim in process should be routed to the Madison, WI address or fax number below.

Please refer to claim support documentation for correct routing of all other medical record requests.


TPL process - provider:

Refunds related to a TPL payment should be managed through the claim recoupments/refund process.


TPL form and TPL requested medical record submissions:

TRICARE East Region
Attn: Third Party Liability (TPL)
PO Box 8968
Madison, WI 53707-8968
Fax: (608) 221-7539


Attorneys or insurance agencies:

Subrogation/Lien cases involving TPL for TRICARE East beneficiaries should be submitted through the contact methods below:

Humana Military
PO Box 740062
Louisville, KY 40201-7462
Fax: (800) 439-7482

Supporting documentation instructions


Electronic submissions

To ensure your electronic submission is processed in a timely manner, please confirm you are submitting the information in the correct portal, inbox or web form. To avoid additional delays, please only include details on a single beneficiary and to not combine requests.


Fax or mail submissions

TRICARE may ask for additional details, including for you to use the letter you received again as the coversheet for the information that you return. The letters, utilized as a coversheet, allow Humana Military to quickly document and identify beneficiaries via barcode and OCR recognition, speeding up the process.

To ensure your documentation is processed quickly, please send a single correspondence or fax with information regarding a single beneficiary. If multiple pieces of correspondence are mailed at the same time, they must be divided with coversheets.

Humana Military accepts HIPAA-compliant electronic faxes sent using HIPPA-compliant companies, such as UpDox, Faxage or SRFax, among others available through a web search.