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Your relationship with your healthcare team is important. Find the provider that works best for you.

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Find a TRICARE provider

This tool enables TRICARE beneficiaries to search for network providers by location, name and provider type.

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Select a Primary Care Manager

Beneficiaries who are already enrolled in TRICARE Prime or are enrolling in Prime can select a Primary Care Manager (PCM) near a location.

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Military hospitals & clinics

Military hospitals and clinics (also referred to as Military Treatment Facilities or MTFs) are the core of the military health system. They are found at military bases and posts around the world.

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Search for non-network providers

TRICARE beneficiaries should always search for TRICARE network providers first. Be aware that choosing a non-network provider may incur Point of Service and higher out-of-pocket costs.

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Changing your PCM

You may change your PCM at any time provided the new PCM is accepting new patients and your request complies with local military hospital guidelines. If you have selected a civilian PCM, or you wish to change to another PCM within a military hospital, there are three ways you can submit your change:

***The sponsor section, the section related to the PCM change and the signature section are all that need to be completed if mailing in form.***

Once your PCM change is processed, you will be mailed a confirmation letter with the new PCM name and telephone number. All change requests are subject to the military hospital Commander guidelines. PCM changes are not effective immediately, so please do not seek services until you receive confirmation of the change.