Group of volunteers working together in a garden

“Through Military Health and Resilience, we look outside of our Humana Military walls to determine which community leaders are already working on improving the health of the military community and how we might act as a catalyst to bring together and lift up those existing programs.”

-Andrea Newton, Director of MHR, Humana Military 

What we’re doing

  • Collective Impact Summits

    There are an abundance of incredible resources available to the military community led by Military Service Organizations (MSO), Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) and government agencies. Our summits are designed to convene these community organizations to share the inspiring work they’re leading and identify how they might partner.

  • Military Health Advisory Boards (MHAB)

    The call to action from the summits is to participate in a MHAB, where military health influencers are invited to develop projects with shared importance to address health-related social needs. These projects are examples of the power of collective impact – that we are able to accomplish so much more together than on our own.