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Welcome healthcare providers

Provider self-service has simplified the search for remittances.

You can now search by check number to view all claims associated with that check.

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Humana Military would like to clarify some network contract terms associated with TRICARE claim reimbursement, use of the CHAMPUS Maximum Allowed Charge (CMAC) discount and the standard process to bill amounts. Learn more

Due to additional quality checks to ensure proper processing, there may be a temporary delay in claims payment. This is to ensure proper claims payment and prevent further disruption. Once claims have gone through these additional checks, they will be released and paid appropriately.

You can submit claims online or by mail. Claims submitted online are processed faster than those received via mail. If you choose to submit claims by mail, please send to:

TRICARE East Region
Wisconsin Physicians Service
Attention: Claims
PO Box 7981
Madison, WI 53707

Labratory Developed Tests (LDTs)

Prior authorization is required for laboratory developed tests except for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) testing. Claims for genetic testing submitted without an approved authorization will be denied. Find out more

Calendar year transition

As a result of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, TRICARE has transitioned away from a fiscal year to a calendar year period (Jan. 1–Dec. 31).

Provider self-service

Self-service for providers offers many features that will save you time,
ensure patient privacy and help manage your office more efficiently.

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