Become TRICARE-certified

Providers must be TRICARE-certified in order to file claims and receive payment for TRICARE services. Certified providers must meet the licensing and certification requirements of TRICARE regulations and practice for that area of healthcare.

Provider certification FAQs

To become TRICARE-certified, you must submit a certification application.

Please note: Humana Military is moving all certifications to a digital format, and many applications are now available digitally only. Please use the appropriate link to fill out your certification application.

What are the benefits of using digital certification applications?

  • Faster processing times
  • Instant electronic confirmation of submission
  • Improved submission accuracy
  • Real-time feedback (many applications show progress icons or messages as you complete it)
  • Captures all necessary attachments
  • Prevents submission of incomplete applications
  • No need to call or email to confirm receipt of applications
  • Ability to check application status with online tracker