Get to know provider self-service

We offer an easy and convenient way for all TRICARE providers to submit claims, referrals and authorizations, check patient eligibility and much more!

How do I create an account?

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Gather required information

To create an account, you will need your 9-digit TIN or EIN with the correlating NPI. Watch this quick how-to video on creating an account.

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Register online

Create your account and walk through the steps to add providers to your account. Most features will not be available until providers are added.

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Account verification

To add a provider to your account, Humana Military must verify your information.

Self-service features

  • Verify patient eligibility
  • Create and review referrals and authorizations
  • Submit claims and check claim status
  • Look up codes
  • View remittances
  • Access pharmacy data by patient
  • Access quality and affordability data
  • Manage your profile including making demographic updates
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Ready to get started?

Once you’re registered, you will have limited access to the tools and features available until you add a provider to your account and that information is verified. To gain immediate access to all features, have a Humana Military referral/authorization for the provider you are adding handy. You will be asked to enter the auth/order number and key code. This is the quickest method to gain full access to self-service, however, alternative methods for validating providers are also available.

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