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Explore these resources to find tips and educational information to help facilitate prompt claims processing.

Proactive recoupments

Providers who have been overpaid and wish to return the additional funds can submit a recoupment form


CHAMPUS Maximum Allowable Charges (CMAC) is the most frequently used TRICARE reimbursement method for procedures or services. CMAC rates are determined by procedure code, ZIP Code, the setting where the services were rendered and the provider type. View CMAC rates

Capital and direct medical education

TRICARE authorizes regional contractors to reimburse hospitals for allowed capital and direct medical education costs. Reimbursement is subject to regulations as outlined by TRICARE. View regulations

TRICARE reimbursement methodologies

The TRICARE Reimbursement Manual provides the methodology for pricing allowable services and items and for payment to specific categories and types of authorized providers. Learn more

No government pay list

The no government pay list is made up of procedures and services outside of the scope of TRICARE and are considered noncovered. View now