TRICARE provider

Health and wellness

Humana Military offers support in serving our TRICARE beneficiaries. Our wellness tools, clinical programs and resources help empower you to provide better care to this deserving population.

Autism Center of Excellence

Our interactive website provides Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) tools for providers, beneficiaries and caregivers. Resources include ASD benefits and services, military life with ASD, screening tools, educational series and much more.

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Behavioral health

TRICARE covers medically or psychologically necessary services and supplies to treat behavioral health conditions. Research various guidelines such as provider types, behavioral health benefits, clinical programs, referral and authorization information and more.

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Care management

We care about the health of our TRICARE beneficiaries and offer several programs to help improve and sustain their well-being. Case managers provide clinical programs for conditions such as asthma, diabetes, depression and anxiety and more. Learn more