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Provider bulletin

Our bi-monthly provider bulletins keep TRICARE providers up-to-date on any news, education and resources to assist in the services you provide for beneficiaries.

October 2018

Making a change to a referral is easy with self-service on

If you need to do any of the following on an existing referral or authorization, you can submit an update request on self-service

  • Change the rendering provider
  • Add visits
  • Add CPT codes
  • Extend the expiration date

Self-service is the easiest way to request a change and 90% of referrals are approved immediately upon submission.

Learn about Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) in the next provider bulletin.

September 2018

Electronic prescribing is convenient and secure

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribe) is a convenient and secure healthcare practice that aligns the Military Health System (MHS) with standards of care available at civilian pharmacies. By cutting down on handwritten medication errors, reducing military pharmacy wait times and reducing beneficiary costs, e-prescribe enhances the prescription process.

Providers can start sending e-prescriptions to military pharmacies in the US, Guam and Puerto Rico immediately.

Use the DoD standard "DoD SITE NAME ePhcy" to search for military pharmacies (all military ePharmacies start with "DoD" and are published by Surescripts® electronic prescribing network)

Find out if a military pharmacy accepts e-prescribe today

September 2018

Submit your claims electronically

Humana Military is reaching out to providers who send in paper claims to let them know they can process and submit claims easily through self-service on

Submitting claims electronically speeds up processing times, decreases manual work and lessens the risk of misrouting documents over sending them by paper submission.

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