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TRICARE South provider news

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I2:2017

  • What providers need to know
  • Provider claims for TRICARE East
  • Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (CACD) program
  • Recoupment of overpayments
  • Reminders to providers

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I1:2017

  • New East Region contract award update
  • Disease management program overview
  • Accurate addresses for claims payment submissions
  • MH-SUD benefit change
  • TRICARE expands coverage of laboratory developed tests (LDTs)
  • Point of Service (POS)
  • TRICARE to expand preventive service coverage
  • ROFR and what it means to you
  • “Capped DME” rental to purchase guidelines
  • Alert to TRICARE Network on “moonlighting” by Active Duty/Government employed providers

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I4:2016 

  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Provider alert regarding recent award announcement by the Defense Health Agency
  • 2016 CMAC injectable drug rate updates
  • ClaimCheck
  • TRICARE patient transfer pilot program

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I3:2016 

  • Urgent care pilot program: Provider notification
  • Provider claim filing: Administration fee codes with no injection
  • TRICARE pricing information for NDCs
  • Emergency care providers: Please give our beneficiaries a helping hand!
  • 2016 provider charts now available online

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I2:2016 

  • Dedicated services for our provider community
  • Interim institutional claims overlapping ICD 9- ICD 10
  • TRICARE provider office injectable/vaccine administration guidelines
  • Well-child visits during the first 15 months
  • Alert to providers on new referral requirements
  • Pharmacy benefit change reminder

TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I1:2016  
  • 2015 year in review
  • TRICARE adds more services to the Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
  • Spinal fusion and related procedures now require prior authorization
  • Successful ICD-10 implementation by the South Region providers
  • Our eligibility option makes your life easier
  • ABA requirement changes
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I4:2015 
  • ICD-10 implementation starts October 1, 2015
  • TRICARE covers breast pumps and supplies
  • Changes to TRICARE Pharmacy services for beneficiaries
  • Claims corner: Rotateq/Rotavirus claim filing
  • Preventing fraud and abuse
  • Provider portal enhancements and updates
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I3:2015 
  • Accepting ICD-10 diagnosis codes on new referral/authorization requests
  • TRICARE pharmacy /drug compounding update
  • Do your TRICARE patients know you care?
  • Wounded Warrior Transition Program update
  • HEDIS alerts now available on the provider portal
  • Provider reimbursement for L8680: Implantable neurostimulator electrode
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I2:2015 
  • New and improved Provider Handbook now online
  • Explore our new website
  • Office and appointment access standards
  • Same-day wellness and sick visit combination
  • TRICARE’s guidelines for urgent treatment centers and walk-in/convenience care clinics
  • Evaluation and management coding guidance
  • Important information regarding Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Civilian Health and Medical Program (CHAMPVA)
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I1:2015
  • 2014 year in review
  • TRICARE expands coverage of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
  • Summary of changes to the secured provider portal: Self service for providers 
  • Changes to the "No Government Pay" list
  • New drug approved for  testosterone replacement therapy
  • HEDIS and TRICARE and new PCM ratings
  • Military pharmacies now e-prescribing
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I4:2014
  • What You Need to Know About Our “Find a Provider” Tools
  • Self-Service Updates
  • Five Tips for Switching to Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Same Day Wellness and Sick Visit Guidelines
  • A HEDIS Initiative Thank You
  • ICD-10 Reminder
  • E-Learning Opportunity on Preventing Adverse Drug Events
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I3:2014
  • New and Improved Secured Provider Portal
  • Referrals and Authorizations
  • Healthy People 2020: Progress Update
  • New Primary Care Manager Behavioral Health Chart and Self Service for Providers Chart
  • Reminder: Consult Return Process
  • Reminder: Paper Claims Transition to the New CMS 1500
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I2:2014
  • Authorizations No Challenge for Metroplex Health System
  • Policy Change for Durable Medical Equipment
  • Paper Claim News
  • ALERT to Providers on ICD 10
  • New Laboratory Tests
  • TRICARE Service Center (TSC) Phase-Out
  • Understand the Importance of Behavioral Health Follow-Up
  • TRICARE for Life Pharmacy Pilot Starts Spring 2014
TRICARE T-3 Provider Newsletter I1:2014
  • Five Ways to Improve Patient Health
  • TRICARE Prime Reduction
  • Writing a Prescription for Compound Medications?
  • Are You ICD-10 Ready?
  • Don’t Forget New Paper Claim Forms
  • New Autism Pilot Program
  • New Reimbursements to Sole Community Hospitals
  • TRICARE for Life Pharmacy Pilot-coming soon in 2014
  • Ambulance Fee Schedule Change

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