TRICARE beneficiaries have prescription coverage under the TRICARE pharmacy program. Express Scripts by Evernorth administers the TRICARE pharmacy benefit. If your patient is not sure if they are covered by TRICARE, they can check their eligibility

TRICARE Formulary Search Tool (FST)

The FST is a digital tool designed to educate users on medications covered under the TRICARE pharmacy benefit. When you search for your patient’s medication using the FST, you will see drug cost and fill options, any forms
needed to process your patient’s prescription and coverage details.

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E-Prescribe is simple and secure

Save time by sending prescriptions electronically to your patients’ choice of a local military pharmacy, TRICARE home delivery or a network retail pharmacy!

Prior authorization or Medical Necessity may be required for some medications. Please direct beneficiaries to Express Scripts for questions concerning home delivery and member choice support.

Beneficiary options

Military hospital or clinic

Military hospitals and clinics on bases/posts generally have their own pharmacies and offer the least expensive prescription option, for the medications that they have in stock.  Before visiting, call the military pharmacy to confirm our prescription is available. 

TRICARE Home Delivery

TRICARE Home Delivery is the most convenient option for beneficiaries that take medications on a regular basis. With TRICARE Home Delivery the beneficiary will get up to a 90-day supply of eligible mediations delivered right to their door. The most common way of sending prescriptions is through e-prescribe. 

TRICARE network retail pharmacy 

Non-military pharmacies that are part of the network established for TRICARE retail pharmacy services.   Beneficiaries can find a network retail pharmacy by using the find a pharmacy tool. 

Non-network retail pharmacies may not accept TRICARE and as the most expensive option, is not recommended for beneficiaries.

Specialty pharmacy

Accredo will provide specialty pharmacy services when a beneficiary fills an eligible TRICARE-defined specialty medication at TRICARE Home Delivery. Accredo is an accredited specialty pharmacy serving patients with complex and chronic health conditions. Beneficiaries taking specialty medications that are not available at TRICARE Home Delivery can continue filling their prescriptions at network retail pharmacies, including Accredo.

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