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Provider self-service

Self-service for providers offers many features that will save you time, ensure patient privacy and help you manage your office more efficiently. It’s simple, secure and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for registered providers.

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Registration is fast and easy for providers

Enrolling to access the secured provider portal features requires your 9-digit tax ID or 9 digit EIN with the correlating NPI# as secondary validation. Register now

With self-service for providers, you can quickly and easily:

Check on document

Verify patient eligibility


Create and review referrals
and authorizations


View remittances


Submit claims and check
claim status

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Manage your profile

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Access pharmacy data
by patient

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Look up codes


Access quality and
affordability data

Electronic claims submission

Learn how to quickly and easily submit claims
online with this step-by-step guide.

Access guide

Gaining access

When registering for self-service, providers have a few different options for gaining access:

  • Existing referral information: Providers may enter the Auth/Order number and key code shown on a received Humana Military—TRICARE Referral/Authorization fax. The provider ID that they are requesting access for must be associated with the Auth/Order number entered.
  • On-site Humana Military provider representative validation: The provider representative must enter several key codes to grant a provider immediate access to self-service for providers.
  • Manual approval: If the previous options are unavailable, providers may submit an approval request to a local site administrator (usually a person who works for the provider) for the provider ID they want to access.

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