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Find essential resources and up-to-date information regarding TRICARE's Autism Care Demonstration (ACD). The demonstration began July 25, 2014, and will continue through December 31, 2028.


TRICARE and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services

TRICARE covers ABA services for all TRICARE eligible beneficiaries, enrolled in an eligible TRICARE Plan Option with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD). ABA services require prior authorization. Authorized ABA supervisors must submit the initial assessment, treatment plan, PSI/SIPA, Vineland-3 (parent, teacher or interview form), SRS-2 (parent form) and PDDBI (parent form). Once submitted, Humana Military will review for clinical necessity and authorize six months of ABA services as appropriate based on the referral request.

We encourage you to read and adhere to the policy outlined in the TRICARE Operations Manual (TOM), Chapter 18 Section 4. If you have questions or concerns about the policy, please contact DHA directly at dha.acd@mail.mil, or contact Humana Military at (866) 323-7155.

View TOM, Chapter 18 Section 4
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