Medical Team Conference (MTC)


What is a MTC?

The purpose of a Medical Team Conferences (MTC) is for treating providers to periodically meet to discuss the beneficiary and the overall program and progress towards goals. The MTC includes face-to-face participation with a minimum of three qualified healthcare professionals from different specialties or disciplines. The parent/caregiver may also be present to collaborate or discuss the beneficiary’s case, but is not mandatory. The participants will be actively involved in the development, revision, coordination and implementation of clinical services necessary for the beneficiary.

  • The Autism Service Navigator (ASN) assigned to the beneficiary’s case must coordinate and participate in the medical team conference discussions
  • Participants must document their participation, contribution and subsequent treatment recommendations
  • No more than one individual from the same specialty may report CPT codes 99366 / 99368 during same encounter
  • Non-healthcare providers are not considered as participants in the MTC but may be invited to attend, however, they are ineligible for reimbursement (non-healthcare providers do not count toward the minimum of three qualified healthcare professionals for utilization of this service)
  • Reporting participants must have performed face-to face evaluations or treatments of the beneficiary, independent of any MTC, within the previous 60 calendar days
  • Reporting participants must be present for the entire MTC
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