Special programs

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Enrollment in EFMP ensures that family members' documented medical and educational needs receive consideration during the assignment coordination process. Through the EFMP Family Support office, families can receive assistance with navigating military and community systems of support. Learn more

Extended Care Health Option (ECHO)

ECHO supplements the basic TRICARE program by providing financial assistance for an integrated set of services and supplies. For those who qualify, ECHO provides benefits not available through the basic TRICARE program. Qualified beneficiaries must enroll in the EFMP through the sponsor's branch of service, ensure the qualifying family member's disability is properly entered in DEERS and register for ECHO with a case manager. Learn more

Autism Care Demonstration (ACD)

TRICARE's ACD program covers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for all TRICARE beneficiaries diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). To receive care through ACD, all eligible beneficiaries must:

  • Enroll in their service’s EFMP and be registered with ECHO
  • Receive ASD diagnosis from an approved diagnosing provider
  • Get a referral and authorization to the ACD program
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