Processing claims for out-of-region care

When providing healthcare services to a TRICARE beneficiary who is enrolled in a different region, the beneficiary will pay the applicable cost-share and providers must submit reports and claims information to the region based on the beneficiary’s enrollment address, not the region in which he or she received care.

For claims issues or questions regarding a TRICARE beneficiary who normally receives care in another TRICARE region, call the appropriate region-specific number for assistance.

Designated Providers (DP) are facilities that have contracts with the DoD to provide care to beneficiaries enrolled in the US Family Health Plan (USFHP). USFHP is offered in six geographic regions in the US.

Although it provides a TRICARE Prime-like benefit, USFHP is a separately funded program that is distinct from the TRICARE program administered by Humana Military. The DP is responsible for all medical care for a USFHP enrollee, including pharmacy services, primary care and specialty care.

If providing care to a USFHP enrollee outside of the network or in an emergency, file claims with the appropriate DP. Do not file USFHP claims with Humana Military. Learn more

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