Proper treatment and observation room billing

Revenue Code 076X: Determining when to use revenue code 076X (treatment) to indicate use of a treatment room can be complicated and improper coding can lead to inappropriate billing.

Under OPPS, 076X revenue codes are reimbursed based on the HCPCS codes submitted on the claim.

You may indicate revenue code 076X for the actual use of a treatment room in which a specific procedure has been performed or a treatment rendered. Revenue code 076X may be appropriate for charges for minor procedures and in the following instances:

  • Outpatient surgery procedure code
  • Interventional radiology services related to imaging, supervision, interpretation and the related injection or introduction procedure
  • Debridement performed in an outpatient hospital department

Revenue Code 0762 (observation room) is the only revenue code that should be used for observation billing. Non-OPPS outpatient observation stays may be reimbursed for a maximum of 48 hours.

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