Claims for NATO beneficiaries

TRICARE covers North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) foreign nations’ armed forces members who are stationed in the US or are in the US at the invitation of the United States government. They receive the same benefits as American ADSMs, including no out-of-pocket expenses for care if the care is directed by a military hospital or clinic.

Eligible accompanying family members of ADSMs of NATO nations who are stationed in, or passing through, the United States in connection with their official duties, can receive outpatient services under TRICARE Select. A copy of the family member’s identification card will have a foreign identification number or a Social Security Number (SSN) and indicate outpatient services only.

NATO family members do not need military hospital or clinic referrals prior to receiving outpatient services from civilian providers. They follow the same prior authorization requirements as TRICARE Select beneficiaries and are responsible for TRICARE Select cost-shares and deductibles.

To collect charges for services not covered by TRICARE, providers must have the NATO beneficiary agree, in advance and in writing, to accept financial responsibility for any noncovered service by signing the TRICARE noncovered services waiver form

TRICARE does not cover inpatient services for NATO beneficiaries. To be reimbursed for inpatient services, the NATO beneficiary must make the appropriate arrangements with the NATO nation embassy or consulate in advance. NATO beneficiary eligibility is maintained in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Claims submission procedures are the same as for American Active Duty Family Members (ADFM).

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