Filing claims:

TRICARE electronic claims filing

Electronic claims filing offers:

  • Faster claims processing
  • Reduction of payment errors and data entry errors
  • Immediate verification of claims received
  • Electronic Data Interface (EDI) program edits minimize the impact of data entry errors at your office by information requirements
  • Ease of use and support to assist with EDI transactions
  • Lower administrative, postage and handling costs
  • Availability of free software
  • Availability of batch claims status inquiries
Enroll for EDI

Electronic claims filing responsibilities:

  • Network providers should file TRICARE claims electronically within 90 days of the date care was provided
  • Non-network providers are encouraged to take advantage of one of the electronic claims submission options

For any questions regarding EDI, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), contact WPS EDI at (800) 782-2680, option 2.

Filing paper claims

Please note that all network providers are contractually obligated to submit claims electronically. Non-network providers have the option to submit paper claim forms, however, this may result in slower processing of claims. Download the inpatient/outpatient claim forms

TRICARE claims information