TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS)

TRS is a premium-based health plan that members of the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve may qualify to purchase. TRS provides comprehensive healthcare coverage and patient cost-shares and deductibles similar to TRICARE Select, but TRS beneficiaries must pay monthly premiums.

TRICARE Reserve Select involves cost-shares and deductibles. TRICARE Select patients who see network providers for their care will incur lower out-of-pocket costs.

TRS members may self-refer to any TRICARE-authorized provider; however, certain services (e.g., inpatient admissions for substance use disorders and behavioral healthcare, adjunctive dental care, home health services) require prior authorization from Humana Military. See healthcare management and administration for more information about referral and authorization requirements.

After purchasing either member-only or member-and-family TRS coverage, TRS members receive TRS enrollment cards. These cards include important contact information but are not required to obtain care. Although beneficiaries should expect to present their cards at the time of service, enrollment cards do not verify TRICARE eligibility. Copy both sides of the cards and retain the copies for files. See more on verifying patient eligibility

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