TRICARE Pharmacy Program

TRICARE offers comprehensive prescription drug coverage and several options for filling prescriptions. All TRICARE beneficiaries are eligible for the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, administered by Express Scripts, Inc.

To fill prescriptions, beneficiaries need written prescriptions and valid uniformed services ID cards or Common Access Cards (CAC).

TRICARE beneficiaries have the following options for filling prescriptions:

  • Military hospital or clinic pharmacies: Using a military pharmacy is the least expensive option, but formularies may vary by location. Contact the local military hospital/clinic pharmacy to check availability before prescribing a medication.
  • TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery: TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery is the preferred method when not using a military pharmacy. This method adds convenience and provides cost savings for the beneficiary and the DOD. Prescriptions may be sent to TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery through:
    • Electronically using e-prescribe (Express Scripts)
    • Fax: (877) 895-1900
    • Call: (877) 363-1303, option 6
    • Mail: Express Scripts, P.O. Box 52150, Phoenix, AZ 85072-9954
    Beneficiaries may also contact Express Scripts at (877) 363-1303 and request to have any existing prescriptions transferred to home delivery.
  • TRICARE retail network pharmacies: Beneficiaries can access a network of approximately 58,000 retail pharmacies in the United States and US territories (Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands).
  • Non-network retail pharmacies: Filling prescriptions at a non-network retail pharmacy is the most expensive option and is not recommended to beneficiaries.
  • E-Prescribe: TRICARE civilian network as well as non-network providers can send prescriptions electronically to military pharmacies, TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery or to retail network pharmacies.

All Category II (C-II) prescriptions filled through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery require the prescriber’s handwritten signature and must be mailed to Express Scripts. Find out more about pharmacy benefits

Beneficiaries can manage their prescriptions through their TRICARE Pharmacy online account or with the Express Scripts mobile app. These resources will allow the patient full visibility and management of their medication regardless of the Point-Of-Service they use for dispensing.

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