Ask Humana Military

Ask Humana Military is an enhanced search tool available 24/7. Providers can use this feature to enter questions, phrases or words to receive helpful, related responses to their inquiries. For example, if a user is interested in finding out more information about how to become a TRICARE network provider, he or she could enter terms like “network provider” or “join the network” into the search bar and then click the magnifying glass icon. Ask Humana Military will return those pages that contain helpful information with relative responses about becoming a TRICARE provider. Providers may also enter full questions such as, “How do I become a TRICARE provider” to find relative material. The more the tool is used, the better the search results will be. By using the Ask Humana Military search feature, providers are also helping Humana Military more accurately answer questions. Weekly reporting and analytics help to track which questions are being entered, how often questions are asked and any trends that are detected. This data is then used to create specific content that helps providers get faster and better results.

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