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We recruit nationally for all specialties so we can find the opportunity to fit for your needs. 

We strive to know you individually and help you to:  

  • Plan your career  
  • Map a path to achieve your goals  
  • Understand demand for your specialties  
  • Foster your interests  
  • Apply and develop your “extra” distinctive proficiencies  
  • Interview, negotiate and relocate  
  • Find the best practice for you  
  • Flourish with your new role  

We make the journey easy by: 

  • Caring about your professional and personal preferences  
  • Helping you find the right location and practice type  
  • Assisting with contract negotiation, obtaining state licensure, credentialing, relocating and more  
  • Encouraging new relationships with colleagues who care about health  
  • Working with you in the moments that matter  

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We offer customized solutions for the unique challenges that government organizations face in trying to acquire high-quality personnel and achieve health objectives. We specialize in serving government customers because we understand their unique needs and priorities.  

Clinical resources is a dedicated unit within Humana Military that offers innovative staffing solutions. Humana Military, a TRICARE regional contractor since 1995, has the proven experience and capability to manage highly complex, large-scale healthcare programs for government organizations nationwide.  

Our approach is to enable solutions for the best possible health and experience at an affordable cost by:  

  • Knowing your organization, your unique needs and goals  
  • Helping you connect and gain perspectives to drive richer solutions  
  • Thinking differently and discovering new innovations  

We tailor and customize the journey to health. We begin with meaningful conversations – focused on the best care for the people you serve. From there, we work together to determine what people and practices will best support their well-being.  

Committed to the cause, we help you work through the details and are there when you need us with answers as you navigate requirements, restrictions or “red tape” – keeping our eye on the noble purpose of lifelong well-being. We can help you realize the results – helping you every step of the way to transform and optimize the practice of health. 

Call us at (866) 659-0645 or send us your resume.


Today’s clients are searching for a rewarding collaboration with a company that supports their efforts to improve patient health and capability. Humana Military can help simplify complicated needs with a clear understanding of resources.  

Our dedicated team will make it easier by:  

  • Knowing you, your needs and goals  
  • Helping you connect and gain perspectives to drive richer solutions  
  • Thinking differently and discovering new innovations  
  • Working together to share successes and further the purpose of well-being  

Call us at (866) 659-0645 or send us your resume. 


Whether you operate as a large corporation or a small business, Humana Military clinical resources is building relations and fostering shared successes – where everyone can benefit.  

Let's start a meaningful conversation about the journey to well-being. Talk to us about your mission, objectives and what matters to you and what you are curious about. Together we can examine strengths and challenges and discuss how we can approach solutions differently.  

We seek the best talent among diverse suppliers, contractors and consultants to enhance our business.